Restaurant Dar Tajine is a Restaurant located in the heart of the old medina in Fes City, which offers a unique cuisine in a old house with high quality of services, our dishes are prepared with the care of our big family.

the moroccan gastronomy is well famous, especially the fassi cuisine ( cuisine of Fez city ), rich with its ingredients, a various of tastes and colors.


Salah Eddin the Chef who is also the owner was born in the Old Medina of Fez, his culinary career started as a teenager influenced by his mother.

He always had the passion to bring the highest quality possible to Moroccan cuisine, and after many years of experience and practice, he was able to set up his first restaurant “Dar tajine”.

This man is a real phenomenon in Moroccan gastronomy and the best way,  through him you can discover the authentic Moroccan food.

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